A Line of Water. 2014


Woven tapestry. 186cm x 40cm 8cm

“A Line of Water” is inspired by the movement off coastal waters. Where bodies of water are travelling at different speeds and directions a tide line appears on the surface of the water. To one side of this line the water is smooth and calm the other rough, broken and turbulent. For sea travellers it is important to recognise these tide lines and as in life to travel on the correct side of the line.

I find tapestry is uniquely versatile medium: it can be monumental or miniature, flat woven, textural and even sculptural. I am interested in how you can manipulate and push this medium by playing with the simple woven structure. Pulling and pushing warp and weft, leaving slits, allowing it to break free from the traditional flat, rectangular format. Excited by the process of building a tapestry under tension on the loom, then when cut down it is liberated to be come a tactile textile which has a physical presence unlike any other medium.



Tide Race fi