Fiona Hutchison, Tapestry Artist at work in her studio

The subject is the Sea, materials and medium are textile.

As an artist and teacher working predominantly, but not exclusively in Gobeiln tapestry, content is paramount in the development of my work. I aim to create a dialogue between the subject, materials and viewer. While traditional techniques and craftsmanship are important it is the idea, the vision and my hand that defines the work.

Growing up in the city, but by the water’s edge, the sea is enormously important in my life. Over the last 35 years it has provided me with a starting point for my creative journey. Whether from personal experience or research my aim is not to create a representation of the seas and oceans but something experienced, a deeply felt personal connection. It is as much a self-portrait as it is a reflection on the sea.

Ideas take a long time to evolve, almost as long as it takes to weave them. Starting with an experience: a sea journey, yacht race, the local harbour, or a wet and windy day on the coast. This personal experience is enhanced by research, both written and visual. Ideas are refined and developed through drawing, painting, and sampling.

Techniques and materials play an increasingly important role in the development of my ideas. The manipulation of traditional tapestry and textile techniques provides me with a creative language in which to explore my ideas. As we are all becoming more aware of issues around resources and sustainability, I am ever conscious of the need to use materials I have or can repurpose. This has led to discovering a wealth of recycled or repurposed materials with which to work.