This Study Program is now in its 6th year and proving a very popular course for artist who want to further their tapestry skills.

Introduction to Studio Practice is a part time study program which offers students the opportunity to build their creative and technical skills in tapestry weaving. It is aimed at students who have some experience of tapestry weaving and are looking to extend their practice by committing to an extended and intensive programme of study.

The Course.

The study program will consist of 3 x 3-day workshops (January, March and June) + a final feed back day (September). In preparation for the workshops you will have a pre course project in November.

Between each workshop you will be expected to commit to a period of guided and self-directed study through a series of projects, encouraging you to follow your own line of research and enquiry. Developing a body of visual research in both design and weaving techniques.

Each workshop will begin with a discussion session looking at the work you have produced through the workshops and projects. Students will have the opportunity to share experiences and discuss any issues or discoveries that emerge

On completion of the course, you will have a greater insight into the creative process, from research and design, to building a wider range of tapestry skills. You will have the opportunity to plan a personal tapestry project to be completed over the summer months.

There is no written/essay element to this course, but students will be expected to document their research on a chosen subject, contemporary artists and exhibitions, as a way of reflecting on their practice.

The workshops will be held in the creative environment of my weaving studio at WASPS studio, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. EH3 5AY. Edinburgh has many beautiful galleries, exhibition spaces and art studios and it is hope that during your study period that there may be an opportunity to visit some interesting exhibitions and art events.

Course programme and dates

Pre course project.                                                                         November   2024

Workshop 1                                                                                      22th-– 24th January 2025

Approaching tapestry. Back to basics

In the first workshop we will begin by re-visiting the basics of weaving. You will have a chance to explore how different warp sets and materials can impact the surface, structure and qualities of your tapestry. We will consider different styles of looms and the correct use of weaving equipment. Address technical issues with weave tension, tapestry surface and structure. We will discuss ways in which you can build a visual recourse to inspire your tapestry designs. In response to project 1. Building a visual recourse, we will consider how this research can help you to develop your design ideas and how they can be evolved through using sketchbooks.

Project 2. Technique. Exploring warp and weft

Project 3. Design. Finding inspiration/building visual vocabulary

Workshop 2.                                                                                     26th-28th Mach 2025

Design to tapestry. Translation of an image.

I this workshop we will consider why and how we translate design ideas in to woven tapestry. What size and scale should we weave, the direction of weave, how to draw up and use cartoons, mix and blend colours, source materials and quantities needed and keep weaving records.

Project 4. Research. Contemporary art

Project 5. Weaving both ways. Drawing and mark making in tapestry

Project 6. Colour Wraps: colour studies for woven tapestry.

Project work by Judith Barton. ECA short courses

Workshop 3.                                                                                     4th – 6th June 2025

Planning a personal project.

Moving from design to weave. Looking at your journey from ideas and inspiration to a final design and planning your final project

We will bringing together your visual research and  weaving, exploreing the importance of sampling and how it will help you plan and  develop your design/weaving

Project 7. Art and theme.

Project 8. Personal project planning.

Design and samples by Helen Pain. Introduction to studio practice.

Final feed back                                             September 2025. Date to be confirmed

Finishing touches – Presentation

Reviewing the results of your final project and the work you have produced over the series of workshops. We will consider how to select, finish and present work for exhibition.

The next step – your future goals and personal development.

Study outcomes

By the end of this study program, you will have a greater understanding of the creative process that will take you from inspiration through the design to finished tapestry. Having researched, sampled, and planned your tapestry you will now be able to enjoy designing and weaving with more confidence. This is just the start of your creative journey. It is time to set goals, make plans and continue to develop your creative practice.

Entry requirements.. Applying for a place on the course

Places on this course are limited. This course is open to creative practitioners (weavers, painters, sculptors or designers) with some experience of tapestry weaving or students who have a have attended a beginners or introduction to tapestry course, with me or other artist/organizations. Students should have a basic knowledge of tapestry weaving alongside evidence of creative engagement. This could be sketchbooks or work in other mediums – painting, printmaking, photography, textile design, etc

A commitment to attending all workshops, engaging with group discussions and undertking  self-directed study is essential. On booking you will be asked to provide some examples of your work (max 8 images) and a short ½ page statement about your work, interests and motivation for applying for the course. This will help to give me an idea of what stage you are at in your creative journey, allowing me to give individual and directed teaching. For further information about the course, please call 07877457332 or email

Fees.  Introduction to studio practice. £1200

Payment. Deposit of £500 on booking to secure your place. Followed by the balance of £700 4 weeks before start of the course or payment plan of  2 instalments of £350 in March and June.

Your tutor

Fiona Hutchison is a graduate from the tapestry department, Edinburgh College of Art. Teaching is an important part of her creative practice, and she has been running workshops from her Edinburgh studio for over 25years. She also teaches workshops for Dovecot studio, West dean College and taught at Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh University.) When not teaching she develops here own work to commission and for exhibition. She has exhibited widely in UK, Europe, Japan, Korea and the USA and was shortlisted for the prestigious Cordis Tapestry Award in 2021.