The Cordis Tapestry Prize. 23rd October – 17th December 2021 Inverleith House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh

I am delighted to have been one of 18 International, tapestry artists selected for the Cordis Tapestry Prize 2021. An exhibition of the selected artist will be showing at Inverleith House Gallery in The Royal Botanical Gardens from 23rd October to 17th December 2021.

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I will be showing Wall of Water, a constructed woven tapestry incorporating recycled plastic bailing tape.

Wall of Water evolved out of my interest in ocean plastic and my experiments with tapestry and re purposed plastic bailing strapping. Developing techniques to pull and manipulate the warp and weft, leaving warps exposed and unfinished the tapestry became a 3D woven drawing of the sea. On the surface it has colour, movement and flow which conceals what is hidden within, fragments of plastic.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with alternative materials, often discarded. From recycled paper, shredded cardboard to plastic baling tape have provided me with an endless source of creative materials. They all speak their own language and required careful handling. Some, I loved others I found challenging and hard to work with. By combining these discarded and undervalued materials with the traditional techniques of tapestry I hope will make us re consider the value of what we use and through away.