“Great Waters”

Peterhead Community Hospital

Woven Tapestry 250cm x 153cm


fi Great Waters

Commissioned by Grampian Hospital Arts, “Great Waters” tells the story of the hunting of a whale and her calf. The whaling community of Peterhead could not believe their luck when a whale and her calf swam in to Peterhead harbour. Boats were launched and a frenzied hunt ensued. The tapestry depicts the movement and energy of the hunt, the diving see birds and the turmoil of the water. Drawing of fish tails was the method the captains used to record their catch. One fish tail for every whale caught and half a tail for the one that got away.

The title comes for the seaman’s prayer. “They that go down to the sea in ship and do business in great waters”. This text along the bottom of the tapestry is a reminder of our fragile relationship with the sea.