What is happening in studio 114

Last weekend we had a great workshop on Developing Ideas – This sketchbook workshop was designed to help students to explore a variety of ways to develop ideas and designs for tapestry.

We warmed up with mark making exercise before going on to doing a bit of speed drawing. Investigating line, tone, negative space, pattern and scale.

Sketchbook w:end 2 fi

Mark making and materials exploration

Sketchbook w:end 5 fi


Speed drawing

Sketchbook w:end 3 fi

Working form our drawing, ideas were further developed through exploring a wide rand of materials and techniques from collage to mono printing.

Sketchbook w:end 1 fiIn the next workshop on the 22/23 March we will be looking at taking the designs/drawing and interpreting them in to woven tapestry.

If you have designs you would like to weave but dont know how to get started  join us for the next workshop when I will talk your through the process. We will also look at the best way to frame and present your work for exhibitions.