This 1 year mentoring program is designed to help you develop a creative practice.

The Course.

1st year program consists of 4 x 3-day workshops. (January – September) Between each workshop you will be expected to commit to a period of guided and self-directed study through a series of projects, encouraging you to follow your own line of research and enquiry. Developing a body of visual research in both design and weaving techniques.

Each workshop will start with a group discussion on the work you have developed, giving you the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with the group.

There is no written/essay element to this course, but students will be expected to document their research on a chosen subject, contemporary artists, and exhibitions, as a way of reflecting on their practice.

On completion of this course there is no qualification, but I am happy to provide letters of reference/student report.

The workshops will be held in the creative environment of my weaving studio at WASPS studio, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. EH3 5AY

Course content

The workshop structure is open and flexible and this will mean you are able to focus on your own personal development, but at the same time share in the group experiences. I have given each workshop a theme, which reflects the key areas I think are important in developing a creative practice. During the course I will set one small group projects for each workshop to challenge and push your creativity, along with individual projects to help you to explore your chosen areas of development.

Workshop 1.   January 30th – 1st March 2023                  Building your creative practice

Day 1.  Feedback day.

Day 2 and 3.  Weaving/design skills development. As part of your creative development, we will also take time to consider other topics that will help you develop. Over these 2 days we will have a conversation on the importance of artist paperwork (writing about your work, cv/biog)and how this can help the creative process. Group project

Workshop 2.  27th – 29th March 2023                    Design to tapestry. Tapestry 3 ways

Day 1.  Feedback day.

Day 2 and 3.  The success of a tapestry is in the translation from one medium into another. Why should we weave it and what will that add to the work? As part of developing a creative practice we often have to respond to an exhibition brief or to commission. We will consider the pros, cons, and challenges of the process. Group Project

Workshop 3. 12th – 14th June 2023                        Trouble shooting & summer project

Day 1.  Feedback day.

Day 2 and 3.  Trouble shooting and planning your summer project. In this workshop we will try to address some of the technical issues you are having with either a design development or weaving techniques. Group Project

Workshop 4. 25th– 27th September 2023.                          Finishing and Exhibiting

Day 1. Presentation and feedback on the summer project.

Day 2 and 3. The finish is everything. It can make or break a work. We will consider the many ways a tapestry can be finished and presented. Documenting, recording, and photographing your work. It is never too early to think about exhibiting your work so we will consider. WHY and WHERE to exhibit, pricing and promoting your work. What next. Setting future goals and projects.

Entry requirements.                                               Applying for a place on the course

Places on this course are limited. This course is open to creative practitioners (weavers, painters, sculptors or designers) with some experience of tapestry weaving or students who have a have attended a beginners or introduction to tapestry course, with me or other artist/organizations. Students should have a basic knowledge of tapestry weaving alongside evidence of creative engagement. This could be sketchbooks or work in other mediums – painting, printmaking, photography, textile design, etc.

A commitment to attending all 4 workshop and engaging with group discussions. On booking you will be asked to provide some examples of your work (max 8 images) and a short ½ page statement about your work and motivation for applying for the course. This will help to give me an idea of what stage you are at in your creative journey, allowing me to give individual and directed teaching. For further information about the course, please call 07877457332 or email

Fees . 1st year course.  £995. Payment. Deposit of £395 on booking to secure your place. Followed by the balance of £600, 4 weeks before start of the course or 6 monthly payment plan of £100 (February – July

Your tutor. Fiona Hutchison is a graduate from the tapestry department, Edinburgh College of Art. Teaching is an important part of her creative practice, and she has been running workshops from her Edinburgh studio for over 20years. She also teaches workshops for Dovecot studio, West dean College and Edinburgh University. When not teaching she develops here own work to commission and for exhibition in the UK, Europe and internationally.