The Broughton Weave Project

To celebrate the their move to the new school building I was commissioned to work with the students and staff to create an art work for the entrance/waiting area of the new building.

The work was designed in collaboration with students and staff but woven buy myself.



Memories and stories of the school were recorded through writing and drawing  by both students and teachers. These image were then cut up and woven together creating paper weavings of their intertwined memories. Words and phrases were then transfered on to fabric and woven it to the blue sky and clouds of their future aspirations.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA temporary tapestry studio was set up in the school and I wove the tapestry on site so that students and teachers could engage with the making and weaving process, linking to other subjects in the school ciriculum.

This was an exciting and engaging process which was recorded in a short film documenting the life of the school and the making of the tapestry.

WWoven tapestry  150cm x 120cm