Beachdaich Plastaig | Think Plastic – Preview and Talk

Date Friday 11th June 2021 7:00pm – 9:00pm – Event Types Arts, Environment, Visual Arts

Art and science talk.  At a time when concerns about the use of plastic, its mass production and the waste it creates, have become a globally dominant narrative, ‘Think Plastic’ seeks to re-evaluate the potential of plastic as a medium for creativity.

The scientific background of the exhibition is explained by Dr Peter Wilkie, tropical botanist at the Royal Botanic Garden. His research on the latex yielding Sapotaceae family of tropical trees sets the context for early production of plastic items.

The talk examines artistic responses to how modern plastic items can be reused, recycled and remodelled with Lorna Fraser and Fiona Hutchison. Beautiful art forms, referencing plants and the environment have been created to challenge how we see plastic, and to understand the possibilities of this most ubiquitous and controversial of materials.Dr Wilkie, in conversation with ceramicist Lorna Fraser, will explain how the ideas for ‘Think Plastic’ first came about.

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