This program allows you to draw on my experience of 36+ years of contemporary art practice. Whether it is designing and weaving traditional tapestry or experimenting with unusual materials and textile techniques. Through a series of 1 to1 discussions you will be able to examine all areas of your practice, from research through the design process to a final outcome. Highlighting your strengths and identify areas which you feel need to be addressed in order to develop your creative practice.

Working with a Mentor can help you engage with your developing practice and achieve your artistic goals.Whether you are starting out on the creative journey, a recent graduate or returning to your art practice this 1 to1 mentoring program can offer you tailored individual support.

I much prefer to work with people in person but some mentoring can be done on line via zoom.Creative review.

Creative review £95

If you already have some experience of designing and weaving tapestry but would like some feedback to support your creative development a Creative Review will offer you this support. Whether it is advice on weaving techniques and materials or research and design development, a creative review will help you take then next steps to develop your practice. Mentoring sessions are tailored to your individual requirements. You will be asked to show me a small portfolio of 10 examples of your work with a short written statement (500words). In response you will receive feedback and guidance on how to move forward with the develop you practice.

The review session will include

  • discussion on the submitted portfolio/statement
  • setting your goals.

Mentoring project. Creative review with 2 Personal Projects

Cost: 375

This mentoring project is aimed at those who already have some experience, have taken a number of courses or have have a studio or workshop practice but feel they need a little support to take the next step. Starting with a creative review and a discussion on your practice we will identify the areas you would like to develop. Working together we will design two projects to help you develop the skills and confidence to push your practice forward or in a new direction.

The mentoring project will include

  • creative review
  • identifying the areas to be developed. e.g. research, development of ideas or technical skills.
  • Create 2 short projects to develop your skills. Thes will be written projects outlining the main focus and theme, with suggested areas of research, process and steps to support your development.
  • Provide feedback on each project.

1 to 1 tuition.

1 to 1 tuition offers you the opportunity to build a personalised program of tuition that is tailored to you needs. It could be learning the basics, of tapestry weaving, exploring new techniques and materials or how to start working with sketchbooks.

1 to 1 tuition.  Full day ( 10am to 4pm) £150 at a time that is convenient for you.