Artpestry3 at Anger, january 2014

I will be exhibiting Still Waters at the Anger Museum alonside a tapestry from a pastel by Paul Klee (Children of the Nile) image on

.still waters

January 25> May 18, 2014

The museum Jean-Lurçat and contemporary tapestry Angers presents the third edition of Artapestry3 at the initiative of the European Tapestry Forum (ETF). Rendezvous of contemporary textile design, the Museum offers a unique formula that works next twenty-five weavers artists with the collections of Jean-Lurçat Museum and the Contemporary Tapestry: Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, Thomas Gleb Jean Lurçat …

Forty-nine works by artists from all over Europe – Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Latvia – were selected by a jury consisting of the European Tapestry Forum (ETF).It is from this selection as museums Angers chose twenty-five tapestries that will be exhibited on the occasion of this new edition Artapestry. The museum Jean-Lurçat and contemporary tapestry offers a new vision by initiating a meeting between these contemporary designs and the rich collections of the Museum.

And works twenty-five artists weavers are facing with many designers like Yves Millecamps Cutuli Gracia, Mathieu Matégot Thomas Gleb, Patrice Hughes, Jean Lurcat, Paul Klee or Alexander Calder from the collections of the Museum. Are associated with this dialogue some examples of antique tapestries whose iconography feeds contemporary creation.

The exhibition, organized under nine major themes, reveals and makes visible vis-à-vis, comparisons and confrontations between very contemporary tapestries of Artapestry3 and most Angers heritage collections. Among these themes, visitors can discover, for example in the “Vitality” section tapestry red sun of Alexander Calder (1918-1976) compared with the dance patterns work The wolf crossed the road (The wolf crossed road) Artist Ariadna Donner or in the “Subject” work time spent Daquin Pierre (1936) which borders The Bowl Artist Iveta Vecenane.

A rich and unique journey that promises the visitor an insight into the current panorama of contemporary textile design and (re) discovery of the Museum’s collections.