A Splash of Colour

3Oth – 31st October. 2021

About your course

This workshop workshop will introduce you to working with colour in tapestry weaving. Yarn blending produces deep, rich, shimmering colours and when cleverly used can create the illusion of transparency. The course will cover basic colour theory: understanding the importance of hue, tone and colour relationships in blending yarns. You will be creating a series of small colours sample exploring a range of techniques for colour blending in tapestry. Multiple wefts, hatching, vertical shading and pick and pick are just a few techniques we will experiment with. You will be working with a range of traditional materials in cotton, linen and wool to discover how different materials affect the surface quality and intensity of the colour.

Using contemporary painting as our colour inspiration you will be encouraged to create “a splash of colour” in a small finished tapestry

Working in a professional tapestry artist studio you will have access to a range of materials and equipment andwill learn to

  • Set up a series of small samples on simple frame loom
  • Experiment with a range of colour mixing and blending techniques
  • Explore colour relationships, balancing colour in your design
  • Develop a colour design inspired by contemporary painting
  • Translate designs into tapestry.
  • Finishing and presenting your work

Level: Developing weavers and beginners

The course is suitable for beginners and weavers with a little experience of tapestry weaving who wish to explore the technique further. The workshop is structured to provide individual tuition in small groups of 4-6 students.

About your tutor

Fiona Hutchison graduated from the tapestry department, Edinburgh College of Art in 1985. She exhibits regularly in the UK, Europe and internationally. As well as teaching many independent workshops and mentoring emerging artists she also a teaching fellow in tapestry weaving and stitched textiles for Edinburgh University, Short Courses department.

Weekend Studio Workshops £175
Workshops run from 10am – 4pm. Selection of materials will be provided. .

To book contact me at e. fiona@fionahutchison.co.uk or mob. 07877457332
All workshops are held in my studio at WASPS, Studio 114, Patriothall, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AY