10am – 4.30pm.
Cost: £475.
All materials included, and use of equipment as required.

Developing a theme, working with a sketch book

Finding your inspiration and developing ideas is the starting point for creating a design to weave. With the help of a pre course project you will explore how working with sketchbooks can help in the development of your visual language. Working through a series of projects in mark-making/speed drawing, using photographic references and playing with collage/layering images to help explore and refine your design ideas. In this series of exercise we will consider the principals of compositional design and how it can be used in to help you to express your ideas.

Taking inspiration from your visual experiments you will go on to investigate how the qualities in your design can be translated into woven tapestry. Working quickly, spontaneously and intuitively on the loom we develop a range of samples experimenting with both a tradition and experimental approach to tapestry. Exploring a wide range of techniques, materials as well as the structure of tapestry.

To successfully translate the design to tapestry, there are many decisions to be made before we begin. With the help of your design and woven samples we will consider

  • What size should the tapestry be woven and how to draw up a cartoon.
  • The direction of weave.
  • Warp – what materials and set to use.
  • Surface qualities/weft materials to be used.
  • How will it be finished and presented.

Workshops run from 10am – 4.30pm.
Selection of drawing and weaving materials are included.
To book contact me at e. fionahutchison537@btinternet.com or mob. 07877457332.
All workshops are held in my studio at WASPS, Studio 114, Patriothall, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AY